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The Story of a Blog

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Hi, I’m Rose; and this blog is a dream come true for me. I’m so grateful for my techie daughter’s help in making this happen!

As long as I can remember, I have delighted in creating food for my loved ones. My first job was at a local bakery, which I quit once they started getting in machines to shape the bread, because I love pretty much every step of the bread-making production. To this day, bread remains one of my favourite forms of baking.

Years later, I married my handsome apple farmer, Steve. We would go to market with our family to sell local produce at our Martin’s Family Fruit Farm booth, along with the apples that we grew. I’ll tell you more about that in my posts as we go along. In order to introduce new or little-known products, I would bake a goody that incorporated it and hand out little samples along with the recipe. A plethora of fresh meats, produce, and dairy abounds in our area, and I love to use it in my cooking. We have an on-farm market at our orchard, so I am blessed with great abundance at my fingertips all year. This is the history behind the title of my blog, and I am excited to continue sharing through this new format.

My favourite people to cook for are the aforementioned handsome farmer, our four grown children, plus three lovely people who voluntarily joined our family through marriage, and one darling little grandson, whose toothless grin could melt a heart of stone.

My husband and I both come from a long line of great cooks, whose recipes I intend to pass on to you. I love hearing how recipes come to play a part in a family’s heritage, don’t you? As I stated in my bio, we love to travel, so some of the recipes will have exotic flavours shining through. Whatever form it takes, this blog will feature fresh, usually local and seasonal products; although I do love citrus, chocolate, coconut, and avocados too. Oh, and did I mention coffee? Please, let’s have a moment of silence. Thank you. So forgive me if I sneak in some faraway treasures at times.

I am so excited to share the “scoop” on our area’s bounty. Let’s get cookin’.

Here is what you can expect from my posts. 

  • a featured product with information on its use, storage, and production 
  • a recipe featuring said product
  • a story or memory regarding the recipe
  • photos of the finished product, including any tricky steps